Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one month to go!

It's hard to believe after all of the planning and plotting that the day is almost here! Being journalists, we thrive under deadlines, so we've accomplished a lot in the past few days.

I find myself turning again and again to etsy for my wedding needs. I have always loved etsy, but I particularly like that I'm supporting an independent artist, not just the evil, money-grubbing Wedding Industrial Complex.

I picked up a tiny, rather impractical ring bowl from Paloma's Nest. It is inscribed like the one on the bottom right -- "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart." It's from this ee cummings poem that we will include in our program.

I also settled on wedding jewelry, which was an onerous process for me. They're from luxe deluxe -- a delightful vintage jewelry shop. There are so many fabulous designs sold there that I wish I could buy four or five more. Here's mine! (In real life, it's teeny tiny.)

A spokesman said to me today that this is a really wonderful period of my life, that I should stop and enjoy it. So I'm adding that to my to-do list.

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