Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confessions of a do-it-yourself addict

I knew I wanted a homespun feel to our wedding, but I also didn't want to make myself crazy with a million little projects. Instead of embarking on home stationery design, do-it-yourself flowers or other endeavours that would have driven me half-crazy, I instead stuck with what I know. Yarn and sewing.

So here they are, the finished bouts. I picked up a slew of brown and aqua fabric at Joann's when I was home recently, and I ordered the rest of the supplies online. (Floral wire is NOT a fun thing to work with...) I'll likely do two more for my dad and Jon's dad.

And more momentously, I completed my bridesmaid shawls, ever last one of them. Two are knit, two are crochet -- and the crochet went a helluva lot faster.

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EAP Inc. said...

well, i must say...impeccable job...can't wait to see them IRL.