Sunday, August 31, 2008

Evidence I've Lost My Mind

It's close people. It's under-a-month close. It's I-got-my-hair-highlighted-today close. It's an-average-of-one-panic-attack-a-day close. (I didn't have one today, but I had two yesterday.) I'm even wearing teeth whitening trays as I type.

Anyway. The wedding crafting is in overdrive at this point. The shawls are done. My capelet is blocking. The pom-poms are being mass produced. And the cake topper is done.

why, hello there!

The funny thing is, we're not really having cake. We're just not dessert people -- we're more second-helping people. So we're having a peanut butter pie and carrot cake that our venue serves. But I simply couldn't resist making a Carrie and Jon cake topper.

I have to admit that this was, um, heavily inspired by the cake toppers made by Patch NYC. And I feel a little bad, but if they are able to sell them for $500, then I think they're doing OK without my business. I also used the adorable toppers made by Small Object as a guide.

The biggest challenge was Jon's suit. He let me cut up an old gray shirt, and I made many a prototype before settling on this one. Then I found ribbon that resembled his tie, and we were off!

As you might gather, my dress doesn't look precisely like this -- and my legs aren't anywhere near as skinny as pipe cleaners, despite rampant gym-going -- but it's close enough that Jon is now forbidden from looking at this blog! (Spare me any commentary about how the whole "groom not seeing the bride" tradition is silly. We like our silly traditions, thank you very much!)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one month to go!

It's hard to believe after all of the planning and plotting that the day is almost here! Being journalists, we thrive under deadlines, so we've accomplished a lot in the past few days.

I find myself turning again and again to etsy for my wedding needs. I have always loved etsy, but I particularly like that I'm supporting an independent artist, not just the evil, money-grubbing Wedding Industrial Complex.

I picked up a tiny, rather impractical ring bowl from Paloma's Nest. It is inscribed like the one on the bottom right -- "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart." It's from this ee cummings poem that we will include in our program.

I also settled on wedding jewelry, which was an onerous process for me. They're from luxe deluxe -- a delightful vintage jewelry shop. There are so many fabulous designs sold there that I wish I could buy four or five more. Here's mine! (In real life, it's teeny tiny.)

A spokesman said to me today that this is a really wonderful period of my life, that I should stop and enjoy it. So I'm adding that to my to-do list.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confessions of a do-it-yourself addict

I knew I wanted a homespun feel to our wedding, but I also didn't want to make myself crazy with a million little projects. Instead of embarking on home stationery design, do-it-yourself flowers or other endeavours that would have driven me half-crazy, I instead stuck with what I know. Yarn and sewing.

So here they are, the finished bouts. I picked up a slew of brown and aqua fabric at Joann's when I was home recently, and I ordered the rest of the supplies online. (Floral wire is NOT a fun thing to work with...) I'll likely do two more for my dad and Jon's dad.

And more momentously, I completed my bridesmaid shawls, ever last one of them. Two are knit, two are crochet -- and the crochet went a helluva lot faster.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We can't decide on transportation. Our RSVPs keep ending up in a neighbor's mailbox. And our rehearsal dinner site was closed by the Health Department. (No, I'm not kidding.)

But I found my shoes. And I love 'em.