Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So the chocolate and turquoise theme is overtaking the wedding -- and future hubby is finally on board! Monday, he ordered these ties for him and the groomsmen, from Australia, no less.

This may sound extravagant but keep two things in mind. The ties were cheap -- just $25, with no tax! And they were the only ties we saw in the right colors. So there you go!

And the matching boutonnieres are coming along, kind of.

Here's a close-up of one that I've been toying with from the pattern in Martha Stewart "Weddings" magazine. I have to tell you, they are a tad tedious to put together. And maybe not worth it.

See, the magazine and website really don't give as much detail as I'd like about the construction. I don't need my hand held per se, but a little more guidance would go a long way. I can make the flowers, I can insert the stamen, but I'm totally winging it after that.

Basically, I'm wrapping floral wire around the bottom of the stamen, then wrapping all of the floral wire in floral tape. I'm then wrapping satin ribbon around the floral tape. This is an ugly process that involves some gluing and some sewing and some hair pulling.

I've finished four, but I think now the bouts and I need to take some time apart....

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