Saturday, June 14, 2008

Give him the bout..

Seems like male attire gets overlooked at most weddings, or at least at mine. I ordered my dress months ago and already had a hair and make-up trial. But for my groom? Nada.

We are, though, going suit shopping on Monday, and I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about boutonnieres. I want something a little special, not just a single bloom unceremoniously pinned to his lapel. Plus, I think it could be a great keepsake.

Thankfully, there's inspiration all over. I'm leaning toward making these from Martha Stewart, which involve folding strips of fabric and rick-rack into a little flower. I started experimenting with rick-rack this week, but it ain't easy. This is what the finished product should look like, though in our darker color scheme of teal and chocolate brown:

Etsy, meanwhile, is replete with fabulous bouts. As Brooklyn Bride pointed out this week, Mosey Handmade has the most delightful selection. I adore the little birdsnest, though I don't think my groom would be supportive.

Sweet B Papers has a collection of really sharp boutonnieres. A few are so large that they're almost corsages, but there are some very sharp, creative ones as well. I particularly adore this one, made of wheat. It's so tidy, and I love the sharp coarseness of the wheat against the suit. (Great tie, too!)

But this little number from La La Laurie! really caught my eye and jump started my obsession with boutonnieres. I love the feathers, the little birds and the ribbon wrapping. Just so snappy!