Monday, October 6, 2008

We totally got married!

And pom poms rained down on us.

thanks Julia and Aunt Marian for capturing the moment!

It was just so wonderful, every thing I could have hoped for and more. So much love!

I'll leave you with a little web album of the pictures our dear friends and family took while we wait for the professional shots. (Though a few of my friends are total pros, as you'll see.) You can find the album here!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Evidence I've Lost My Mind

It's close people. It's under-a-month close. It's I-got-my-hair-highlighted-today close. It's an-average-of-one-panic-attack-a-day close. (I didn't have one today, but I had two yesterday.) I'm even wearing teeth whitening trays as I type.

Anyway. The wedding crafting is in overdrive at this point. The shawls are done. My capelet is blocking. The pom-poms are being mass produced. And the cake topper is done.

why, hello there!

The funny thing is, we're not really having cake. We're just not dessert people -- we're more second-helping people. So we're having a peanut butter pie and carrot cake that our venue serves. But I simply couldn't resist making a Carrie and Jon cake topper.

I have to admit that this was, um, heavily inspired by the cake toppers made by Patch NYC. And I feel a little bad, but if they are able to sell them for $500, then I think they're doing OK without my business. I also used the adorable toppers made by Small Object as a guide.

The biggest challenge was Jon's suit. He let me cut up an old gray shirt, and I made many a prototype before settling on this one. Then I found ribbon that resembled his tie, and we were off!

As you might gather, my dress doesn't look precisely like this -- and my legs aren't anywhere near as skinny as pipe cleaners, despite rampant gym-going -- but it's close enough that Jon is now forbidden from looking at this blog! (Spare me any commentary about how the whole "groom not seeing the bride" tradition is silly. We like our silly traditions, thank you very much!)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one month to go!

It's hard to believe after all of the planning and plotting that the day is almost here! Being journalists, we thrive under deadlines, so we've accomplished a lot in the past few days.

I find myself turning again and again to etsy for my wedding needs. I have always loved etsy, but I particularly like that I'm supporting an independent artist, not just the evil, money-grubbing Wedding Industrial Complex.

I picked up a tiny, rather impractical ring bowl from Paloma's Nest. It is inscribed like the one on the bottom right -- "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart." It's from this ee cummings poem that we will include in our program.

I also settled on wedding jewelry, which was an onerous process for me. They're from luxe deluxe -- a delightful vintage jewelry shop. There are so many fabulous designs sold there that I wish I could buy four or five more. Here's mine! (In real life, it's teeny tiny.)

A spokesman said to me today that this is a really wonderful period of my life, that I should stop and enjoy it. So I'm adding that to my to-do list.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confessions of a do-it-yourself addict

I knew I wanted a homespun feel to our wedding, but I also didn't want to make myself crazy with a million little projects. Instead of embarking on home stationery design, do-it-yourself flowers or other endeavours that would have driven me half-crazy, I instead stuck with what I know. Yarn and sewing.

So here they are, the finished bouts. I picked up a slew of brown and aqua fabric at Joann's when I was home recently, and I ordered the rest of the supplies online. (Floral wire is NOT a fun thing to work with...) I'll likely do two more for my dad and Jon's dad.

And more momentously, I completed my bridesmaid shawls, ever last one of them. Two are knit, two are crochet -- and the crochet went a helluva lot faster.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We can't decide on transportation. Our RSVPs keep ending up in a neighbor's mailbox. And our rehearsal dinner site was closed by the Health Department. (No, I'm not kidding.)

But I found my shoes. And I love 'em.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So the chocolate and turquoise theme is overtaking the wedding -- and future hubby is finally on board! Monday, he ordered these ties for him and the groomsmen, from Australia, no less.

This may sound extravagant but keep two things in mind. The ties were cheap -- just $25, with no tax! And they were the only ties we saw in the right colors. So there you go!

And the matching boutonnieres are coming along, kind of.

Here's a close-up of one that I've been toying with from the pattern in Martha Stewart "Weddings" magazine. I have to tell you, they are a tad tedious to put together. And maybe not worth it.

See, the magazine and website really don't give as much detail as I'd like about the construction. I don't need my hand held per se, but a little more guidance would go a long way. I can make the flowers, I can insert the stamen, but I'm totally winging it after that.

Basically, I'm wrapping floral wire around the bottom of the stamen, then wrapping all of the floral wire in floral tape. I'm then wrapping satin ribbon around the floral tape. This is an ugly process that involves some gluing and some sewing and some hair pulling.

I've finished four, but I think now the bouts and I need to take some time apart....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Give him the bout..

Seems like male attire gets overlooked at most weddings, or at least at mine. I ordered my dress months ago and already had a hair and make-up trial. But for my groom? Nada.

We are, though, going suit shopping on Monday, and I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about boutonnieres. I want something a little special, not just a single bloom unceremoniously pinned to his lapel. Plus, I think it could be a great keepsake.

Thankfully, there's inspiration all over. I'm leaning toward making these from Martha Stewart, which involve folding strips of fabric and rick-rack into a little flower. I started experimenting with rick-rack this week, but it ain't easy. This is what the finished product should look like, though in our darker color scheme of teal and chocolate brown:

Etsy, meanwhile, is replete with fabulous bouts. As Brooklyn Bride pointed out this week, Mosey Handmade has the most delightful selection. I adore the little birdsnest, though I don't think my groom would be supportive.

Sweet B Papers has a collection of really sharp boutonnieres. A few are so large that they're almost corsages, but there are some very sharp, creative ones as well. I particularly adore this one, made of wheat. It's so tidy, and I love the sharp coarseness of the wheat against the suit. (Great tie, too!)

But this little number from La La Laurie! really caught my eye and jump started my obsession with boutonnieres. I love the feathers, the little birds and the ribbon wrapping. Just so snappy!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

While we're on the topic of headwear ...

Apparently, nobody can outdo the Royals when it comes the wedding headwear. Witness the fashions at the nuptials of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly.

Camilla and the Queen seemed to be channeling Ancient Greece with their choice of headwear. It's certainly a statement ...

And then there's Fergie's daughter, Princess Beatrice. I'm slightly speechless!

Perhaps it's not surprising that hats would take center stage at the wedding, since the bride seems to have an affinity for surprising head coverings. This is certainly ... dramatic. Especially for a Canadian gal!

I can only imagine the attire at the royal wedding! If and when it ever happens, of course.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To veil or not to veil?

Just as I knew that my dress was my dress when I put it on, I also knew that the veil slapped on my head was not my veil. I looked like a mix between a little girl preparing for her first Communion and the Flying Nun. The simple truth is, I love veils on other people, but I'm not sure I'm a veil gal. They are so fancy and such a statement, while I feel like I'm more low-key. But will I regret not wearing one?

A photographer that I was working with yesterday assured me that I will. "Veils look soooo pretty in pictures!" she cooed. "It's your only chance to wear one."

My only chance. Ouch. Perhaps I'll reconsider, or maybe just compromise on the topic. Luckily, there are so many options now that veils do not have to be synonymous with "drowning in tulle."

Twigs & Honey
has the most fabulous selection of birdcage veils. So chic without being so dramatic. What's not to love about french netting?

I'm also smitten with BridesHead Revisited. Their barrettes, flowers and headbands seem to be more my speed.

Feathers are intriguing me, too, like this delightful number. But I think my girl Carrie Bradshaw takes it a little too far.

Speaking of: Anyone else uneasy about watching the (presumably) failed wedding in the "Sex and the City" movie? Or is it only uncomfortable for brides-to-be named Carrie?

My favorite groom: A woman wrote in to Miss Manners, saying that her husband is taking her name. Bravo!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Free stuff. What's not to love?

Registering for wedding gifts was an activity we approached with all of the enthusiasm of a tooth extraction. Everyone said it was supposed to be fun, like shopping for all new things without the hassle of actually paying for them. But to me, it seemed more like the retail equivalent of force-feeding -- pushing ourselves to outfit the rest of our lives in the course of one afternoon.

There were fights. There were tears. And after a day at Macy's, there was a lame list of things we kinda, sorta wanted but didn't really feel strongly about.

Many newly engaged couples insist they aren't going to register. What could be tackier than not only asking for gifts, but actually enumerating them online for the world to see? But your relatives are going to buy you things, so it seems like a courtesy to point them in the right direction. (It may also decrease the likelihood of receiving between 15 and 20 crockpots.)

Everyone told my fiance that he'd love registering because you get to scan each item with a little gun. Sadly, the novelty wore off after a few minutes of perusing china patterns. Every piece we looked at, we asked ourselves, "Do we really want to eat Thanksgiving dinner off of this in 2028?" This caused us to confront our own mortality. Suddenly, these adorable plates seemed more depressing than whimsical.

When I was reduced to tears in front of this pattern, we decided to abort the china selection process and move onto something more fun, like linens! Unfortunately, it was not more fun. And the rest of the day continued like this, with us dragging ourselves through the largest store in the world, crippled with indecision, uncertain that anyone would ever buy us something as decadent as a Kitchenaid mixer and equally uncertain that we needed it.

Two weeks later, after realizing that we'd erred in trying to accomplish too much, too fast, we decided to hit Crate & Barrel. We wandered around, not forcing ourselves to choose anything we were unsure about. We love our duvet cover -- why get a new one? How often would we actually use a mortar and pestle? And why get glasses specifically for white wine when we only drink red, anyway?

We left relaxed and happy, thinking more about our new life together than the material objects that will sit on its periphery. Will we want to eat off these dishes at Thanksgiving 2028? I'm not sure, but it makes me smile to imagine it.

Can I register here?

I arrived home last night to find a beautiful package from Bon Bon Atelier. I was so tickled -- who would send me something from an atelier? It was a gift of adorable dessert plates (including the one pictured above) from my bridesmaid and fellow bride-to-be Christa. This looks like a great spot for buying unique, handcrafted, retro shower gifts or Sleeping Beauty tote bags.

Do you take this Jedi....
I've seen some very tasteful theme weddings: beach themes, holiday themes, vintage themes. But this one is perhaps too far, far out there. And don't worry, I wouldn't neglect to show you the cake.

Put the dress to the test
This makes typically pre-wedding jitters seem like kid stuff. This bride took an exam before her ceremony -- while wearing her gown.

Monday, May 12, 2008

“Do they sell Spanx for arms?” and other pressing bridal questions

Remember the episode of “Friends” where Rachel and Phoebe fought over being Monica’s maid of honor? And after Rachel won the fight, type-A personality Monica whipped out a huge scrapbook filled with pictures and swatches she’s been collecting since childhood, causing Rachel to reconsider the position?

I’m not a Monica. Of course I’d thought about my wedding like most folks do, mainly making a mental list of things I would not do. Like I didn’t want to get married at my hometown’s fire hall, as my cousin did for both of his weddings. And I wouldn’t use the theme to “The Titanic” for my first dance, as my childhood friend did, foreshadowing the fate of her marriage.

So when I got engaged, I was clueless, totally unprepared for the hundreds of choices I'd face in the coming months. Take photography for starters. One photographer or two? Film or digital? Album or high-resolution disc of photos? I spent weeks staring at photographers' websites
, crippled by the weight of this decision. In the end, after all the anguish, I ended up choosing the first photographer I emailed.

Like many busy brides, I do all my research online and consult bridal blogs and message boards for even the most minute details. What's the difference between a place card, an escort card and a table card? Can I take the subway in my wedding gown? And, as my friend and fellow bride Christa recently asked me, do they sell Spanx for arms?

So this is why I decided to start a wedding blog of my own
-- to create a little place for me to share my anxiety as well as what I've learned since I got engaged. Which isn't very much.

The bride wore stripes

Dreaming of a destination wedding on a romantic island? Remy Ma and Papoose's nuptials at Rikers Island probably ain't what you've got in mind. Too bad her husband-to-be brought a handcuff key. Guess he had his heart set on an immediate honeymoon?

The bride wore Oscar de la Renta
On the polar opposite end of the spectrum, there was Jenna Bush's wedding in Texas. The Washington Post has an exhaustive discussion about the event. Here's all I want to know -- how did someone convince maid of honor Barbara to wear a wreath in her hair?